Pisane® accompanies with Vegetarian Buffet for charity fundraising

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In September, Golden Sand Trading & Consulting Corporation participated in the VEGETARIAN BUFFET PARTY at Giac An Pagoda (919 Truong Chinh Street, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City) with the main purpose of raising funds for charity and caring for children here.

Participating in this party, Golden Sand has sponsored the product: PEA PROTEIN and introduce PISANE C9 through it. The party was very successfully with enthusiastic participation and support of the Buddhists and the customers.  At the end of the party, all the sales tickets and cash receipts have been deposited into the Temple Charity.

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WHAT IS PISANE logo pisane

Pisane® is a highly pure pea protein isolate that provides high levels of nutrition and functionality. This non-dairy protein is the sustainable and effective alternative to regular protein isolate. It was manufactured in the most modern factory of Cosucra – Belgium

  • high protein content (88 – 90%)
  • high digestibility of 98%
  • low in anti-nutritional factors
  • gluten-free,
  • high tolerance
  • free from common allergens
  • no cholesterol, lactose or soya
  • naturally-sourced
  • GMO-free.

The Benefits of Pea Protein

1. Peas – Nourishing the world for centuries Dau Ha Lan

 With its origins in southwest Asia 10,000 years ago, the pea was one of the earliest cultivated food crops.

During the Middle Ages peas provided the basic nutrition in the diet of Europe’s peasants.

Soon after Columbus, they found their way to North America. Throughout the world, emerging civilisations based their nutrition on wheat, soy, rice, and pea.

 The nutritional and environmental benefits of the pea however, have unfortunately been largely forgotten in our modern world. Pisane® is a convenient and cost-effective way of restoring these advantages to our diet.

2. Improves blood sugar control and reduce heart disease risk

Canadian scientists found that pea protein lowers high blood pressure. Thus, Pea Protein is proven to support a healthy heart. Besides, it was intended to determine the effects of pea protein on chronic kidney disease.

3. Weight management  sua dau Ha Lan

High-protein food helps people feel full and lengthens the time between meals.

4. Active lifestyle and muscle performance

Pisane® is slowly absorbed compared to whey protein, easy to digest and contains high levels of branch-chained amino acids such as leucine to support muscle performance.

Especially, It provide specific nutition for vegetarians, it is necessary to supplement the muscular nutrition, avoiding the loss of muscle, reducing the cushion function of the bone

5. Free from common allergens. No labelling necessary

Scientists found that Pea is not one of the main allergens and, at regulatory level, is not part of the allergens that have to be mentioned in the food product. Pisane have no cholesterol, lactose or soya and free from common allergens.

6. Non GMO

Pisane® was choosen from the green pea which grown locally and totally non GMO.

7. Pisane® strong as iron

Naturally occurring levels of iron make pisane® significantly richer in iron compared with milk proteins. 100g of pisane® provides 15 mg of iron which is 100% of the European RDA.



Suggested Use hinh tu van

Mix 5-10g powder in 200-300ml boiling water [equivalent to 17.4 – 34.8 kcal or 73.55 – 147.1 kJ], for a delicious smoothie, mix with crushed ice, milk, almond milk, coconut milk or coconut in a blender.





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