10-year anniversary of Golden Sand, – Loving Journey

On the occasion of the 10th establishment anniversary (May 2009 – May 2019), Golden Sand Trading and Consulting Corporation organized the “GOLDEN DAY” festival including Team building and the Anniversary Gala.

The event took place at May 2019, in Binh Quoi II tourist resort, with clean and green space suitable for outdoor activities, in addition to formal and polite banquet room. The event also has the participation of the Board of Leaders and all employees of the company. Team building and gala activities to celebrate the birthday really created a meaningful day and an important milestone marking the development path of  the company.20190525083947_IMG_4696

Warm-up with funny dancing

“Warm-up with funny dancing”


Regarding  the achievements, each individual is still proud of the Golden Sand brand – Golden Sand always goes hand in hand with trust and prestige. Besides, the network of customers has been built increasingly wide and wide, from large-scale corporations to small and medium-sized companies, shops, in addition to more cooperation with top suppliers in the world. With the specialization of departments, along with a team of passionate and skilled employees, it is expected that the company hope to still  maintain the goal of bringing green and clean energy, improving the quality of life for Vietnamese people and promote the development of community activities.

Coming to GOLDEN DAY, all members, including the Board of Directors and employees joined and built a cohesive team through carefully selected team building games. The game shows the spirit of courage, breaking limits, and winning the fears. Nothing is impossible when you have faith in yourself, on your teammates who always stand side by side.

Team building 01


photoshop 03


“Still tired but on the face of each person still not lack of radiance”

Gala Lunch in the formal space was prepared to entertain all employees. Everyone jointly attended an affectionate, friendly party, and they could express themselves in the most beautiful costumes.



“Golden Sand thanks for the companion of the 5-year senior staff”

In the spirit of closeness, everyone jointly created unique and exciting performances. The preparation work was done many days in advance, with excitement, enthusiasm and creativity, thoughtful preparation of costume and careful selection of content. The performances have many different colors. There are deeply song and dance for praising hometown, the comical Golden Sand’s Kitchen God, the exciting Yukata dance in creative Japanese costumes…

photoshop 04

Ten years are neither too long for a business development path nor too short with the achievements and difficulties that have been overcome. On the way to build its brand, the Company always maintains its core values, provides natural raw materials, trusts in people and honors the collective. Leadership in front of all old and new employees reviews the past, hopes for upcoming things.

Deeply thanks to all of the contributions and efforts of everyone to join in creating the successful Golden Sands. Everyone is expecting the road ahead and the future of strong development.


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